The information on this subject is based on our
own experience and is intended as a guide only.

We find Grevilleas can grow in all types of ground. Good black soil to stony shale.
The most important thing is drainage, Grevilleas hate wet root systems.
We tell our customers if you think your soil is poor quality import a little good soil
from somewhere else. Dig a good hole and mix the imported soil with the
dirt from the hole. Put the soil back in the hole and make a mound higher
than the ground, this will give good drainage. Plant in the top of the mound
and mulch well to keep the soil moist. Clay is about the worst thing
but the same thing applies, mix some good soil or dirt with the clay
and make a mound to get the drainage and don’t forget the mulch.

We have seen Grevilleas growing in all sorts of places,
the one in this photo is growing on a slope in very stony ground with no mulch
but it does get a little water from a near by irrigation system.


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