The information on this subject is based on our
own experience and is intended as a guide only.

Pruning! An interesting subject. Most people that buy plants from us ask
how high will it get, as they only want a plant that will get to a certain height.
They have no intention of pruning, they just want to let it do its own thing
and that's fine but if you do have the time now and again to just prune a little
you will end up with a better looking bush, usually denser, more foliage and
more flowers. We start the pruning early here being a propagation nursery,
we take cuttings off the plants as soon as they are available.
The photo at the top shows a young plant already pruned for cuttings.

This photo shows where to cut to get a plant to grow the way you want it to,
the finger is pointing to the new shoot that will take off after the prune.

This photo shows Grevillea Orange Marmalade with new growth returning
after a hard prune back. Not all Grevilleas can be pruned this hard,
it would kill some. If you are thinking of pruning a Grevillea and you are
not sure what to do, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.


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