The information on this subject is based on our
own experience and is intended as a guide only.

The photo above shows a circular cage made from chook net, they can be about 300 to
500mm in diameter and approx. 400mm tall and held in place with four bamboo stakes.

We find this helps to keep things like wallabies and hares etc from eating the new growth.
Wallabies in particular love the new growth and young plants are at an ideal height. Hares
on the other hand just seem to bite the young plant off at the base which usually kills it.

These cages are also beneficial if the young plant is in a windy area as they can
offer some wind restriction and some support to the plant.

We find this much better than staking as it produces a much stronger plant later.

A cage of chook net,
about 400mm in diameter with 4 bamboo stakes to hold it in place.


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