The information on this subject is based on our
own experience and is intended as a guide only.

The photo above shows some trays of our Grevilleas in 3" pots.

A lot of people from the website write and ask how big are your plants?
How much foliage is there above the top of the pot?


This is not an easy question to answer, as they are all very different.
Some of the tall growing types can have 300mms or more foliage.


Some of the smaller slow growing ones may have less and obviously the
ground covers will not be so tall, they just spread sideways.


All our plants in 3" pots are kept outside in full sun, rain and wind,
this keeps them healthy and ready for the ground.
And we make sure they all have well developed root systems before sold.


If you have any questions about any aspect of our plants,
please do not hesitate to contact us. Hope this helps.


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